Communist Dream & Nightmare

I. Common Rhetoric

The world is infested with economic parasites
sucking the blood of the masses
& ruthless predators
feeding upon the laboring classes

Oppressed and abused -
the proletariat must unite
to throw off the chains of injustice
which capitalist oppressors
consider natural and right

Unless the workers of the world rise up and fight
they'll remain slaves of a system
in which justice is never alive

If you believe in human dignity
and feel resources should be shared equitably
then create a better society
through the Communist Party.

II. Frequent Facts

If one party becomes a state
opposition is thwarted
& when a single clique controls people's fate
corruption becomes rampant
and critics end up in graves

Mouthing rhetoric about democracy
and convenient lies about what "the people" think
communist states stifle democracy
and in the Religion of Marx
Party Leader is akin to Pope:
anyone doubting that person's authority
is branded an "enemy"
and exiled or hung from a rope

Instead of making people free –
communism fosters state slavery

When people become mere serfs of the state
basic ideals are corrupted
and society is debased.

Copyright (c) 1997, 2004 by T Newfields.   {{CC-BY-3.0}}
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