Soo: Kun you feel de spark in dis image & poem?
Philyra: Yeah. Diatoms are miniature fusion reactors. When you think about what they do – take the energy of the sun and produce life – it's amazing.
Soo: Kun you almost imagine whatto it feelsu like to be a diatom?
Philyra: Perhaps. It's a whole different reality, isn't it?
Elijah: Yep. Isn't our best hope for the future creative imagination?

Diatom / Diatomea / Diatomeen / Keisou - an art work by T Newfields

What would it feel like
to be a fraction of a hair in length
& float through an ocean of space?

What would it be like
to be wrapped in silicone
as geometry incarnate?

How would it feel
to have hundreds of microfibrils
as arms & legs?

No death – just division

No sex – just replication without end

How would existence seem to a diatom
floating above silicate shells?