Undulations - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

each moment
in some parts of the world
ocean tides rise as
moonbeams flutter on whitecaps
and sea anemone with velvet tendrils
feed in pristine coral reefs . . .

each moment
in other corners of the globe
chainsaws transform forests
into industrial wood chips
while bulldozers bury earth as
smoke belches from exhaust pipes
& junk food passes
from plastic wrappers
to rotting intestines . . .
. . . ugghhh . . .
Ellesha: Our world is deeply out-of-sync with nature.
Andrei: Yeah, this reminds me ah zhings I'd rather not zhink ahh.
Elijah: Precisely! Doesn't eco-art function as a reminder? We need a social conscience . . .
Philyra: (laughing sarcastically) Ha! Too many people have Disneyfied ideas about what art should be: they only want stuff that's sweet & cuddly. Sometimes we need reminders that the world is not always that way.
Andrei: Maybe it's zhe other way around: I see so much crap in everyday life zhat sometimes I want sumdin' sweet & cuddly. I think of art as countermeasure against global insanity.
Ellesha: Art has the potential to change the way we view the world. In our culture, there's generally not enough art. How many people "live art" each moment?
Jules: (raising his eyebrows) Huh? I'm afraid global insanity will continue despite art.