Coastlines - an art work by T Newfields


The big mistake
many ah us make
is acting like
we'll live forever.

The sea has no such pretense
nor fear ah being shattered
by waves.

Foolish are we ta
kut ourselves uff
frum the deep.

Find perts ah you which ere liquid
& free frum rigidities!

Let yer soul be transparent
unhindered & free!

In each ah us countless drops
whispering a primal plea.

Andrei: (shaking his head) Why read zhis zaumy crap?
Soo: It's not krappu – simply an ocean eulogy.
Ellesha: Notice how people label things "crap". More often than not it's a sign of uncertainty.
Andrei: Spare me zhe psycho-babble! Why get religious about zhe ocean?
Soo: No sing wronggu with dat!
Andrei: (pulling his hair) Yeah, but an ocean is just an ocean.
Jules: We all need to religious about something, no? Most folks are religious about their jobs, money, family or companion-pet. The ocean isn't such a bad thing to feel sacred about.
Elijah: Perhaps we need to feel sacred about something. Today the sense of sacredness about too many things in life.