Towards a New World / Vers un nouveau monde / Hacia un mundo nuevo / Zu einer neuen Welt / Atarashii Sekai E - an art work by T Newfields and Jean Price Norman
2000: Wasn't that the year Gao Xingjian got a Nobel prize
& the sound of a snowflake in water was discovered?

2000: Wasn't that when gene therapy began
& the rhythm of solar heartbeats was uncovered?

That year didn't mad cow disease rampage through Europe
as we learned how fungi survive in space?

That year didn't year John Adams compose El Niño
& Obama briefly had many mesmerized?

Yes! That was the year JP Norman explored new horizons
& Gwendolyn Brooks final poem was finished. Okay.
So what & why?
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Copyright (c) 1990, 2013 by T Newfields & JP Norman. All rights reserved.
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