Tim: Do many schools around the world stand the shadow of ancient Greek and Roman models?
Liao: Certainly. However, I'm not worried about that. Academic overspecialization concerns me more: cross-discipline communication is becoming increasingly hard.
Satoru: That's true, and it's also a challange to communicate much information to ordinary folks.
Melissa: It feels as if knowledge is fragmenting. . . there's too much to absorb!
Liao: Melissa, you think too much like a modern. Many ancients believed no "new" knowledge existed. They held that all fundamental truths were revealed during some "golden age".
Satoru: [clearing his thoat] Anyway, whenever people talk about "golden ages" I simply laugh.
Melissa: Yeah, how easily intoxicated we are by our own words!
In the Shadow of Ancients - an art work by T Newfields