Crassroom Voices:

Poetry, Art, & Dialogs about Education


  1. Characters
  2. Prolog
  3. Food for Thought
  5. Perplexed Teacher
  6. McTeaching
  7. Stranger than Fiction
  8. In Name Only
  9. Teacherspeak
  10. Raised Hands
  11. Zombie Detection
  12. How 2-B-A Mediocre Teacher
  13. Info Shock
  14. Clyde Dillybaum's Report Card
  15. Interview with a model teacher
  16. Classroom Ideologies
  17. PLATO-700
  18. Streams of Knowledge
  19. Textese
  20. The Road to Wisdom
  21. 2 Seasons of Teaching
  22. Die-alog
  23. Empty Containers?
  24. culture of mediocrity
  25. Linguistic Identitiā‚¬$
  26. Layered Learning
  27. Eñg£i$h $tüdies
  28. Engli-SS-h Only
  29. Applied Linguistics
  30. Eeeeentrance Eeeexams
  31. Ideal Students
  32. Entrance Cere-money
  33. Educational Labyrinth
  34. Before Class
  35. Tuned Out
  36. Classroom Dictator
  37. Natural Language Processing
  38. Travel Dialog
  39. Educational Inspector
  40. 2 B ahh Teacher
  41. TV Addiction
  42. 2 Teeeache
  43. Thanks to Our Teachers
  44. Student Grading
  45. Grade Inflation
  46. ABC University
  47. Leadership
  48. Problem Student
  49. Problem Teacher
  50. You can Be a Perfect Teacher!
  51. A Balanced Curriculum
  52. Classick Frustration
  53. Global Issues
  54. Student-Teacher Dialog 1
  55. Student-Teacher Dialog 2
  56. Student-Teacher Dialog 3
  57. Centering
  58. Astonished Students Comment
  59. Shouldn't We Expect Excellence?
  60. The Experts
  61. A Question of Time
  62. TeACHErs?
  63. Hand of Insight
  64. Philosophy Lesson
  65. Night Fantasy
  66. Student Rant #4334
  67. Another Teacher Rant
  68. Teacher Reflections
  69. School Ghosts
  70. Class Dynamics
  71. Teacher Prayer
  72. Out-TeAcH
  73. Where Writing Starts
  74. Kitchen Table Rhetoric
  75. When Rhetoric Gets Hard
  76. In the Shadow of Ancients
  77. The Politics of Linguistic Identity
  78. 3 Language Learners
  79. Programmed Responses
  80. Gentile Learning?
  81. Astronomy 101
  82. Study Abroad Poem
  83. Learner Reactions
  84. Missing Elements
  85. Text Cohesion
  86. Crassroom
  87. The Lure of Books
  88. Invisible Teachers
  89. Teachers as Butchers
  90. How to Grill a Teacher
  91. The Effects of N-Beam Exposure…
  92. Read On
  93. Post-Modern Education
  94. The Last Class
  95. Eye-Opener
  96. Glossary of Educational Terms
  97. Hand of Prophecy
  98. Postlog
T Newfields (1998)

Introduction by T Newfields

This collection of poetry, art, dialogs, raves, and commentaries highlights some classroom experiences and my feelings about education. Each piece is a different vision of what can happen in the name of education. Many of these works are concerned with foreign language instruction, but more than a few with education in general. Since half of my life has been teaching English in Asia, I've been especially been interested in things that happen inside language classrooms. The complex power relations between teachers, students, administrators, and textbook publishers are underscored in many of these works.

Ver. 6.2   *   1 Apr. 2017   *   Yokohama, Japan

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Authoritarian teachers,   Class dynamics,   Classical education,   Classroom metaphors,   Classroom results,   Cognoscenti,   Commencement ceremonies,   Compu-teaching,   Crass pedagogy,   Degree mills,   De-programming,   Edu-marketing,   Education & conformity,   Education & politics,   Educational control,   Educational jargon,   Educational measurement,   Educational quality,   Fossilized conversations,   Futile protests,   Gender stereotypes,   Global issues,   Grade inflation,   Grading criteria,   Language policies,   Language politics,   Lecture-mode teaching,   Linguistic identity,   Linguistic imperalism,   McDonalized education,   Mediocracy,   Mind-numbing instruction,   Monologs vs. multilogs,   Neural implants,   Pedagogy,   Prayer in class,   Problem students,   Prophecy,   Pseudo-research,   Psycho-rhetorics,   Rant vs. reflection,   Reading,   Report cards,   Sanitized texts,   School slander,   Student inquiries,   Student/teacher communication gaps,   Teacher burnout,   Teacher butchery,   Teacher incompetence,   Teacher politics,   Teacher priorities,   Teacher roles,   Teacher/Student relations,   Teacher talk,   Teacher training scams,   Teaching,   Television,   Text/image alchemy,   Textual genesis,   Textual seduction,   Thanatology,   The sociology of schooling,   Time management,   Unethical research