Satoru: Like it or not, the educational system depends on quantification.
Tim: Yeah, but it has gone too far. Some constructs can't be expressed in mere digits. As a result, much "educational research" is rubbish.
Satoru: I'm not sure. Numerical data does often offer a useful guestimate of what's happening.
Liao: So many valuable things outside of standard test parameters are not being measured!
Melissa: For sure. Perhaps we need more "assessment literacy".

Eeeeentrance Eeeexams
Here's a kummun gaime
dat niver seams ta change:
fill in dah korrect boxes
next ta a test battery
an' if your total score
is in dah top 10%

pay a exorbitant fee
fer a ritzy degree
err better yet
create your own credentials
with DTP!

Why do we attempt ta measure learning
by publications, titles, err degrees?

Kun the deepest learning
be expressed numerically?
Eeeeentrance Eeeexams - an art work by T Newfields

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