Liao: What's this book about?
Tim: Education.
Melissa: (sighing) Ugh. That sounds dull.
Tim: C'mon! Nothing is dull if approached correctly. D'ya notice how ya label things "boring" or "interesting" so quickly? Why? Boredom belongs to the inattentive.
Satoru: Okay. I'm curious why a dude would write this sort ah stuff . . .
Hasn't enough been written about education? Why another book?
Liao: I think most books are for the authors – readers are incidental.
Tim: Agreed. In the process of word spinning, gradually we redefine and transform ourselves.
Melissa: Nuf said. Let's take a peek . . .
Liao: Argh. (feigning overwhelming fatigue) I guess I can manage ta turn the page.