Liao: Notice how some kids become easily labeled 'problem students'?
Tim: More often than not the 'problem' is in the system rather than the student.
Satoru: Nearly all systems have self-norming tendencies: there are subtle
mathematical laws at work. Some will pass and others invariably be left behind.
Tim: Too bad – so much human potential is wasted.
Liao: Well, isn't the system designed to turn most folks into McDonalized consumers?
Tim: Yeah. At that it does a smashing job . . .

Problem Student - an art work by T Newfields Problem Student

Klaus is not like others in class

He knows the answers to questions
but doesn't answer or ask –

Dreamily he often gaze out windows
and smiles at passing clouds

And why is Klaus
constantly writing in a language
encrypted with shrouds?

When talking of democracy
this kid gets peeved

When modern history is discussed
he's invariably high-keyed

Recently when asked about his career plans
he replied with vigor
"An eco-terrorist sounds grand!"

Though outwardly polite
I sense a palatable anger inside

Is it because Klaus lives in an urban cage?
Or his single mother toils at minimum wage?
Or his family is from a war-torn place?
Or are the medications he takes influencing his brain?

What should I do with students like Klaus?
Should I pretend everything will work out?
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Copyright (c) 2007, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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