Desert Chants
Poetry, Art & Conversations by T Newfields


Desert Fireworks
Sun Worship
Kachina Chants
Fossil Song
Canyon at Night
Desert Fire
The Fire Within Sand
Sand Tracks
Grains of Sand
Desert Eye
Desert Meteor
Sacred Feathers
Desert Dream
Sand Whispers
Sky Song
Desert Bloom
Sunset Shades
Old Peyote
Desert Chant
Ancient Fires
Desert Mandala
Where Feathers Meet
The Threads That Link Us
Earth and Sand
Future Landscape?

During part of my boyhood I lived in the southwestern USA. Even though I was in an air-conditioned suburb of Phoenix, Arizona I was also keenly aware that the green mirage our technology had created through was an illusion. When walking past the irrigated outskirts of cities such as Tempe, Mesa, and Sedona I sensed that desert landscapes were far older than human civilization. I also came to believe that the desert would outlast human life as we know it. This is a series of speculations about the desert, our place in it, and the dance of other life forms which are not human.

Desert Chant (small version)