Future Landscape? - an art work by T Newfields

What will we do when our skies turn yellow-amber
& wells run dry?
What will we do when our rivers are undrinkable
& fields begin to die?
What will we do when there are too many mouths to feed
& just a few corporations control most commodities?
At that point 
     how many of us will be around to consider 
     "what" or "why"?

Sitsi: This poem is too depressing!
Estrella: Agreed.
Bibi: Many possible futures exist – this is merely one of them.
Cha'Tima: It' s good to remember that "civilization" is but a temporary phenomena . . . the Earth will be around much longer than any of us.
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Copyright (c) 2001, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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