Miok: What's wrong with desire?
Chris: Yeah – what's the implication here? Are we supposed to renounce all desire?
Tim: How should I know? I only wrote the poem – that doesn't mean that it understand it.
Cantara: Perhaps we should remember not all desires are equal. Some are mere mindless hankerings.
Others arise from a deeper spring that promotes a greater well-being.

Altered Ambitions - an art work and poem by T Newfields
Chris: The problem is most men have two "brains": one in their heads and another between their legs.
Miok: Only two? Don't we have multiple brains? I often hear the voice of my stomach or my throat.
My feet also frequently speak to me.
Cantara: Indeed. I believe we can access sources of intelligence outside of bodies. Haven't you ever spoken with trees?
Haven't you ever felt the energy of an entire city or this whole planet?
Chris: (Shaking his head) Sorry – I'm not that delusional.