Cindy: Look at this art work closely. Does it of represent life or death?
Don: Both sides of the same coin – connected inextricably.
Cindy: Fair enough, but why write crap like this?
Aiko: Yeah, for those who really touch others deeply, what's the need for poetry?
Bai-Luo: Does it matter? Every poem is a skeleton in some sense,
  but the graveyards of literature are worth examining.
Touch of Life 1 - an art work by T Newfields
Learn to touch others like wind touching
pine trees – trusting your intuition and
capacity to perceive

Touch is a sacrament –
a sharing of primal needs

The air touches us with each breath
& earth touches the soles of our feet

The stars touch us constantly with their radiance
& every moment we are embraced
by forces unseen

Touch of Life 2 - an art work by T Newfields

Don't let civilization turn you into
an untouching, uncaring being – for
those afraid to touch become isolated
& to them all creatures seem alien
& illusory

Tethered by cords of rationality to
a universe which ultimately doesn't care
they free-fall towards oblivion
noticing entropy everywhere . . .

Reach out and affirm the world you see –
never be afraid to touch the core of other beings

The raindrops of touch
can penetrate hard skins of disbelief
& with faith even barren soil
can blossom eventually.