Satoru: This talk of 'embracing strangers' sounds good, but is it possible? Is human nature so magnanimous?
Ying: Well, talk is certainly easier than action. At the same time, why expect the worst from others?
Dmiritri: Why expect anything? Expectations sow the seeds of frustration.
Frida: Personally, I think expectations are hard-wired into our operating system. We can't expect people to relinquish their expectations.
left frome to _Peacemaking_ an art work by T Newfields


Approaching peace step-by-step
Embracing friends
and helping strangers
are small ways of fostering peace.

Saying 'no'
to greed and prejudice
are small steps towards harmony.

Peace may seem
distant & unattainable
but we can create small pieces of peace
and over time
isn't that something big?

Pixxâkiû: Haven't humans been seeking peace since the dawn of time?
AR3X108: Who knows? One thing is certain: that word gets a lot of lip service.