Many Voices, Many Selves

Many Voices, Many Selves: an image by T Newfields
When my stomach speaks,
it often pleads,
"Eat more and be merry!"

If my legs have their say,
they tend to proclaim,
"Get up & make more discoveries today!"

When my loins attest,
they generally suggest,
"Enjoy life & have sex!"

When my buttocks make any request,
predictably it’s this behest:
Sit down, relax, & rest!

When my wallet talks,
it usually balks,
"Spend less & have more acorns stored!"

When my heart is expressed,
it invariably pleads,
"Be gentler – kindness is what this world needs."

Listening to these voices,
I'm often unsure which one to heed.

To which voice is my allegiance due?
Is there any way this discordant chorus
can become a coherent crew?