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私はそこにいません 眠ってなんかいません



秋には光になって 畑にふりそそぐ
冬にはダイヤのように きらめく雪になる

朝は鳥になって あなたを目覚めさせる
夜は星になって あなたを見守る

新井 満

I have become a thousand winds

Please do not cry near my grave.
I am not there –
Nor am I sleeping.

In a thousand winds I blow
puff & traverse
below this giant sky

Gusting & crossing
I become buoyant each autumn
crossing fields as rain pours.

In winter I transform into snow
shining like diamonds

Each morning I become the birds
awakening you.

At night I am the stars
watching over you.

– translation by T Newfields of a Japanese poem
by ARAI Man that is based on his interpretation
of two earlier English poems by Mary Frye and Margaret Schwarzkopf.