BUDGET PRIORITIES - A Government Shopping List & Rambling Commentary by T Newfields

Sam:    The dollar sign – it's at the center of America's psyche.

Ted:    Yep. Where ta spend money: that's what politics 'z all aboot.

Terri:  Looking at this poem, there is something almost Christian about the way this author talks about 'conscience'.

Kris:   It is quaintly archaic. . . by the time most Americans reach 30, they're conscientious only when convenient.

Tim:    To be conscientious about all issues takes a tremendous amount of energy.

BUDGET PRIORITIES - A Government Shopping List
+ One Class D Stealth Submarine
+ Two MX Fighters - armed with the latest technology
+ Three Type X Multiple Nuclear Devices
+ Four Super Spy Satellites


- Enough food for billions
- Education for those in substantial need 
- Adequate housing for the elderly
- A planet moving towards harmony.

How's the equation come out? 
Don't wait to see -
Actively share your views
& voice your concerns
Refuse to be co-opted
by a system fostering
indifference & greed.

Make your conscience the bottom line
& demonstrate compassion while we still have time.