Homage to Ginsberg - an art work by T Newfields

Homage to Ginsberg:

Tribute to a 20th Century Beat Poet

The queerness in me
& queerness in you
iz nothing compared ta
the strangeness ah
20th Century Amerika
which rapes the environment
fooks nature
sodomizes people
& destroys anything
it dozn't understand

Heavy karma –
no doubt about it
Sing a kaddish
fer its tainted
Big Macs
& vermin-infested apple pies
If we chant
genuine nonsense
& howl at monstrosity
some people might awaken

There's a chance
a few closet doors will open
as sum recognize how death hippens each day
in a million ways,
butt new art manifests again & again.
Terri: Was 20th century America this weird?
Ted: Yeah. In many ways America could be described as an Evil Empire:
Mammon incarnate lived comfortably around Capital Hill.
Terri: And what did Alan Ginsberg do about it?
Tim: (shrugging his shoulders) What could any person do? Name the monstrosity and pray for awakening.