Burning Man - an graphic manipulation by T Newfields
Burning Man
is a commercial garbage can –

a mutated message
of a precious pagan cant

an idea perverted
into entertainment on demand

a commodity sold
for those with tickets in hand

a wicker-dadaist-paya-playfest
celebration ah summer heat

buy your tickets!
see the circus today!

watch the bonfire!
enjoy the display!

then when the clean-up starts
& vans go away

reflect on what was “real”
& what was a charade.

Kris: (sucking a popsicle) Man – why iz this dude so down on Burnin' Man?
Sam: (spitting while shaking some coins in his pockets) Perhaps cuz he didn't have 'nuff money ta join.
Ted: (shaking his head) Nawh – it's nut dat! The bloke is basically a party pooper!
Tim: (laughing) Yeah. Too many introverts are lost in their tiny virtual ostrich holes.