Lone Star - an art work by T Newfields created on Aug. 7, 2002

Potato Chip Politicans
arrr flaky ta duh kore
sliced thin
fried deep
sugared lightly
they have jest enough salt
ta win elections

Nothing beats the flavor
ah pure bullshit
and the best way to create that
is to slice yer conscience
fry all common sense
salt with humor
add plenty preservatives
'n don't forget packaging
dutz slick!

Yum Yum!
Roll yer chips!

Sam: (Yawning) I'm bored of this shit!
Tim: Yeah, I hear you. I guess most Americans are hoping Jesus will come again ta set things right.
Ted: (Spitting) Don't count on it. Bullshit is built into the fabric of our DNA.
Kris: (Snapping her fingers). That can be fixed! Perhaps it is time for genetic editing?
Terri: (Rolling her eyeballs and about to speak, then deciding silence is best.)