BUSHHH-THINK - an art work by T Newfields
Common folks ure much like cows:
feed 'em well n they'll be fine
baah don't to put any serious ideas
in dare bovine skulls.
Wise politicians never mooke mistakes –
they jes silence zoes who zink so.
Expediency kunts more zan ideology –
so all favorable regimes are "democracies"
and zoes which aren't are bomb targets.
Intellectuals should keep deir heads in zeir books:
they don't understand how ta run government$.
Nuthingzz more disastrous thun eggheads
thinking dey haf keen insights.
Government$ are run by
guts, guns, greed, 'n propaganda –
nut queer theories err statistics.
What kun't be accomplished by
rigged elections err bribe$
kun always be achieved by well-placed bombs.
Image is paramount.
Politicians gotta look klean,
so if dirty work haz ta be dun
hire professionals ta do it discreetly.
Carrots err better dan sticks
butt when things get tough
the end iz whad kountz:
victory iz zie ultimate trick.

The best way ta fight terrorism
iz through terror.
The best way ta fight poverty
iz give dah rich more wealth.
The best way ta run a government
iz ta privatize dah whule damn thing!
The United Nations is
a pipe dream of bourgeoisie snobs
& stinkin' pinko kummunists:
freedom-luvin corporate cowboys
won't B gelded!
Terri: (shaking her head) This poem would be humorous if many people didn't actually believe this crap.
Kris: (nodding) Machiavelli still rules. From that perspective, law is mere pretense. Power alone is paramount.
Tim: (drinking some beer slowly) It's not sustainable. We need a respect for transpersonal laws. Without that, life will always be barbaric and at the edge of collapse.