Terri: What do you think history will say about G. W. Bush?
Tim: Quite likely, two competing stories will emerge. By one account, he was simply naive and incompetent. The world was too big for his tiny brain. By a differing account, though, he shrewdly represented the interests of the wealthiest 1% of American society.
Ted: (Skeptically) The wealthiest 1%? Is that a unified group?
Tim: Perhaps I should say that he represented the interests of the military-industrial complex and petrol giants. Also, although G.W.'s intelligence was mediocre, his key advisors were shrewd enough to carry out a massive disinformation campaign.
Sam: Well, by my book he was simply a war criminal.
Kris: Don't be so quick to judge. Most of us who did nothing to prevent his folly are also guilty to some degree.
What will history say?  - an art work by T Newfields