Corona Mutant Rapture:

Some Dissenting Dissonance

Corona Mutant Rapture - an image by T Newfields
Who wants to listen to mutant poets
vomit out their angst?

Does anyone really want to hear neurotic bards
brood about festering tumors or birthing pains?

Hey, why don't we do something better,
like chant a mystic name over and over
til all human folly is erased?

Why not dance as if your dearest were present
or we were here on earth to love instead
mutating into transmongered gargoyles man-
ifesting an ancient pain?

Isn't that better than enjoying McDonalds boogers
err McDonald Douglas fighter jets?

Yeah, is it not superior to relishing
brand-new gas-guzzling SUVs
err holocaust-inducing public debts?

If want to set this world on fire
then set fire to your heart

However, the match must be lit
by a love of our Creator -
not by any foolish trumpian claims
of making Amerika piss again
or teaching rapture-frenzied fanatics
about the meaning of art.