A Strange Love Affair:

Reflections on America's 40th President

Ronnie Reagan - an graphic manipulation by Timmy Newfields
America adored Reagan cuz
he brought Hollywood to the White House.

They loved the Old Gipper cuz
he knew the answers before any questions arose
& his anecdotes seemed larger than life.

Most of all, they adored the Great Geezer
cuz he carried Death Valley Excitement
ta tiny living rooms – offering Big-Sky Dramas
ta people with wallet-size minds.

Only Mickey Mouse could have done better!
The only problem izzz
when style matters more than substance
& too many contradictions are smoothed
by smiles, the world becomes a B-rate movie.

Aren't most folks tired of cowboy rhetoric?
Aren't there better lines?
Sam: I can't understand why so many Americans admired Ronald Reagan.
Terri: Then you do not understand basic human psychology. People like stories. Those stories needn't be "true" in any objective sense, but they must be entertaining and inspirational.
Kris: Agreed! A good fiction is superior to a depressing fact.
Sam: So Reagan was a master at fantasy and manipulation?
Terri: Precisely! His mind was often foggy and he seldom understood what was happening in the world in detail, but he could spin enchanting stories that idealized America.
Tim: Strange as it may sound, I think Obama learned many things from Reagan.
Terri: Yeah. Great leaders learn from the predecessors. Foolish leaders, however, believe they are "unique" and ignore history, or else cherry pick it freely.