Terri: (laughing) This Star Trek stuff – isn't it cowboys in space?
Tim: Sure. All fiction is rife with ideology.
Sam: Isn't space exploration is a noble goal?
Kris: I dunno. If we can't solve our problems on Earth, what makes you think we will in space?
Terri: Sometimes new perspectives are needed to solve old problems. Space might provide that.
Tim: (sipping some coffee slowly) . . . Ah, I'm not so sure.
Space Exploration: Two Visions (a paradox for Gene Roddenberry

Capitalist Vision

	This is Captain Kirk of the starship Mass Enterprise. We are on a mission to identify potential customers on your planet. Our purpose is peaceful and primarily economic. Our policy is to use weapons only if the competition gets tough. A copy of our holographic sales catalog will be beamed to your coordinates and I'm sure many items will be of interest. After receiving this message, please transmit your credit data. We have a lot to offer you and look forward to stellar profits. Transmission out.

Communist Vision

	This is Comrade Kirkov of spasu wessel Freedom Fighter. We  are trying to wiberate capitalist planets from unfair domination. Our wrong range scanners have detected imperialist dog and pig around this system. To assure success, we'll establish a military base near you. It is our duty to protect all beings from wile ideological contamination. Sanitation protocols begin shortly and a copy of our mission manifesto will be beamed to you. Your cooperation is expected. End transmission.