Star-Mangled Banner - A parody by T Newfields

Achh say can you zie
bi zie blaring night lights
what so proudly sum seig heil
while engaged in kountless fights?

It's zere in zie news
through zie fog ah thick views
Old Glory still waves
bringing wealth to a few
while making zie rest yankee slaves.

As police sirens blare
as bombs burst in zie air
give me proof, let me see
sum furm ah liberty.

O say, does zat stark, mangled
banner remain?
Is it just a parody for zie weak
and a trick ah knaves?

Thank God I'm Amerikan -
und nicht sum schlect slime!

Jah, dank Gott für Amerika -
der land of juicy, warm, squealing
pop-it-in-your-oven star-spangled
self-righteous consumers
detesting non-conformist swine!
Sam: This poem makes me angry. The guy has no respect for America.
Tim: In too many ways Amerika resembles Bablyon and is deeply mucked up. The nation is controlled by financial elites that aren't thinking about what's good for the planet – just their own dirty pockets.
Sam: So why doesn't the author work to change the system?
Kris: Many people have, but when cynicism and laziness go together, change becomes refractory.
Terri: (shaking her head) Ah, negative stuff makes me blue. I want someding positive & uplifting ta tune into . . .
Tim: Sorry, this is not a religious broadcast.
Ted: (grumpily) American iz screwed – many already know that. Unless you have realistic recommendations fer change, don't bother reminding me!