Strange Dreams - a graphic manipulation & poem by T Newfields

Why is it
I dream of nuclear explosions
in many cities?

Why do masses of starving people
appear in my sleep?

Why do I hear mechanized mutants
mulling over garbage?

Why do toxic chemicals
oozing from rotten flesh
assault my nostrils?

Why do so many cancer-infested corpses
appear at night to me?

Are these premonitions
what might come to be?

Can such horrors
avoid becoming realities?

mental ruminations
product confabulations
I release such fantasies.
Tim: We should be careful of the visions we see – they have ways of coming true.
Terri: I'm not sure the author really "wanted" to see this . . . there are many things we're probably better off not knowing.
Tim: I'm not so sure. I think most of the nightmares we experience come from our own brutish ignorance.
Kris: Well, what do you expect? In many ways we're remarkably primitive.