Hypocrite Nation - an art work by T Newfields
Cun we speak bout "justice"
While forgetting the underprivileged?

Err mention "peace"
While terrorizing other countries?

Whatz our hype bout "prosperity" mean
ta millions who are starving?

Duh statements bout "dignity" matter
ta doze at da peripheries?

Is America merely a nation ah hypocrites
living a nuclear-cowboy myth?

Its military power may seem great
Yet how much else exists?
Sam: (impatiently) Is this dude preaching again?
Ted: (chuckling in disdain) I think this author missed his vocation. He should have been a preacher instead of a poet.
Tim: (naively) Why not preach through poetry?
Kris: You got it wrong: spoken sermons are simply empty air. Action alone counts. In that respect, this joker was jest another stupid meaningless fart.
Tim: Geez.