A Dark, Orwellian Satire

WrongSpeak - an art work & poem by T Newfields
Sam: (raising his eyebrows) Don't oldspeak and newspeek coexist?
Kris: Maybe, but the hypocrisy is disconcerting.
Terri: Yeah. When oil companies talk about 'ecology' it's usually a whitewash campaign – or if leaders speak of 'democracy' it's generally ta support some favorable regime.
Tim: . . . the message of this book is that actions speak louder than words.
Terri: In that respect, we're damned. . . . might as well stop the pretense and just be honest about it: America today has the soul of Mammon and Wall Street is driven by the Beast.
Tim: That line of thinking leads nowhere. We've got to look at ourselves honestly and see the play of light and darkness at all levels. Let's focus more on integration and adaptation rather than separation and self-righteousness.
Terri: In other words, buy into the System?
Tim: (coughing) Make the best of it – it'll never be perfect.