Mystic Marketing

Mystic Marketing - an artwork by T Newfields

Why be a guru
if you can be a super-star?
or work with a few devotees
if you can reach millions from afar?

Why stick to simple truths
when so many prefer the bizarre?
or claim to be mortal
when people want an Avatar?

Why encourage self-reliance
when it's more profitable to be tutelar?
or permit critical debate
if your views can seem beyond par?

The temptations of holiness are too great:
it's better to be an ordinary person
than to spiritually predate.

Bhäraté: Good point! Many so-called gurus, lamas, rabbis, and imams are essentially spiritual predators.
An-Yi: There are wolves in sheep's skins in all professions, but spiritual advisors who abuse their authority are especially pernicious.
Daiki: (holding up a beer). Yep! I'll drink to that.