Cult Messiah:

A Cautionary Satire Concerning Spiritual Sects

Cult Messiah - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
Now follow me closely –
listen to what I say

if you want to get enlightened
you must learn to obey.

Your ego is basically an obstacle
that must be erased.

Interested in liberation?
The path is simple:

Give me all your time & possessions
& I'll give you a joy which stays.

Are you serious about awakening?
Then surrender completely unto me –

I'll turn you into a fitting tool
for my world liberation scheme.

An-Yi: (raising her eyebrows) One thing I can't understand . . .
Daiki: Huh? What's that?
An-Yi: Why is this message is so seductive to so many?
Daiki: Hey – lot's of folks want some sort of "higher power" to take over their lives.
An-Yi: (pausing) Maybe so. Yet if you look closely, aren't these so-called "higher powers" actually clay-footed?
Chariya: Usually. Yet I do believe a few real saints exist. . .
Bhäraté: Hmm. Please forgive me for being skeptical.
An-Yi: Same here. I'm suspicous of anyone asking me to surrender my intellect.