Master Fen Enters the Room

Master Fen Enters the Room - an image by T Newfields
An-Yi: Do you think some people are actually "englightened"?
Bhäraté: Perhaps all of us are "enlightened" in some ways and blind in others.
An-Yi: No – what I mean is, "Do fully enlightened humans exist?"
Chariya: (laughing) It would be the height of folly to claim enlightenment: God alone is great.
Daiki: I used to believe that enlightenment was actually a "higher" state of consciousness. Now I'm more inclined to think of enlightenment as a sociological construct. If any group of followers idolizes any given person or object, that person or object may appear as "englightened" in their eyes. Enlightenment has little to do with "consciousness" and a lot to do with sociological positioning. Without a dias and devotees, is there actually any guru?
An-Yi: Makes sense to me. Moreover, one person's master is another person's laughing stock. In order for some persons to seem "enlightened", perhaps others must be seen as ordinary, sinful, or ignorant. Can any quality exist without its opposite?
Bhäraté: (frowning) Hmm. This discussion is too abstract! What's it actually have to do with Master Fen?