Towards Something Amazing! - an art work by T Newfields

Towards Something Amazing!

Andrei: Someday our entire existence will be nothing but a very thin layer of sediment on this giant planet that has witnessed so many other life forms.
Soo: Yes, to realize we are dust and that we shall return to dust is strangely comforting.
Ellesha: On one level this is certainly true. However, on another level we are more than mere atoms and molecules. We are also ideas and part of an evolving discourse.
Elijah: (raising his eyebrows) An evolving discourse? More often than not, I see repeating stupidity and little evidence of any evolving discourse.
Ellesha: What we see depends on our time scale. If you judge our species by a few lifetimes, it is difficult to see any progress. However, if we shift to longer timescales such as equinoctial cycles, a pattern emerges. We are evolving towards something that is amazing!
Elijah: Amazing? (smiling while chuckling and disengaging from this conversation) Well, whatever you say!