Unraveling - an art work by T Newfields


someday it will no longer be a mystery
how paramecium from ancient seas
became creatures
in starships traversing galaxies

someday we'll understand
how all life came from stellar debris
& cosmic dust contained mysterious seeds

someday today's so-called "advanced" discoveries
will seem simple & matter-of-fact

If we cooperate
& live in peace
our offspring will
witness many discoveries:

we're not the final products
of evolution –
just tiny worms
moving forward
century by century
inch by inch
Elijah: World peace would require radical social reengineering.
Jules: (nodding) Yep. In light of human history so far, I'm not even sure it is possible.
Andrei: I think the only logical solution would be to have a superintelligent AI system control the world, and allow humans to operate with freedom within tiny discrete and basically independent "sandbox" communities.
Philyra: (chuckling) You've been reading too much science fiction!
Andrei: Perhaps so. Yet, often today's science fiction becomes tomorrow's fact.