Elijah: Do you feel the erotic undertones here?
Jules: The bloke is in love with the ozean: that's a source of power, but also absurdity.
L'idiotie a sa beauté.
Andrei: When you approach it logically, all passion is rather silly.
Still – isn't it fun to surrender to nonsense and enjoy zhe waves?

What massive beauty & immense delight!
How staggering to realize – we're mere ciliates
in the web of life.

     Diatoms: they're microscopic jewels
     floating in a sea
     with silica walls as inlaid treasure vaults

And then there's plankton:
     the antithesis of immensity
     floating in drops as silicates
     deciphering the sun's speech

As amoebas float through our bodies
& consciousness becomes protozoan in most ways
we mutate yet again
among the ocean's poetry of change


A shell within a shell:
that's our existence

And in our flurry of words
it's easy to get intoxicated
forgetting larger worlds

. . . as we spatter upon countless boulders
and regroup in a churning sea
redemption is possible:
Creativity Brings Forth New Protozoa
As Ciliates Dance In Each Being

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Copyright (c) 1995, 2009 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.

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