Elijah: This is the song I sing sometimes . . .
Jules: I'm afraid we all do.
Ellesha: Being unable ta change perfectly should not prevent us from trying ta change at all. A resolution ta change iz already a half-step ta successful transformation.
Philyra: Yeah. It takes effort, insight & faith fer change ta take root.
Soo: What's holding us back? Only laziness & fear.
Ellesha: Perhaps we've got ta learn to be more playful about change. Most adults think of all sorts ah reasons fer nut changing, butt children seem mure flexible. We need that spirit.
Philyra: (smiling) What you say makes sense, although it's often fun to argue.
Ellesha: Words are wonderful, but they can be cobwebs at times. Yeah, debate can be fun. However, it needs to translate into action.
Wronggg Song

Lament environ
mental destructionnn
budd balk at making change

Deplore the spread ahh poverty
budd refuse ta share wealthhh
in equitable wayz

Condemn rampant violenzzze
budd be too busy ta interseed

Gripe bout sexism 'n racism
budd if asked ta take a stand
shrug yer shoulders
& make excuses
bout why ahh . . .
why ahh . . .
yer too buzzzy err ahh . . .
und activism is unlikely
taahh succeed

Invent kountless alibis
fer lazzziness

Kun yawh let yerrr
f bekum a hypooo
crite this ea