Celebrations ah Song:

Rejoicing Through Art, Poetry & Narratives

with T Newfields

Finding the Flower - an art work by T Newfields begun in Nov. 2001 and finished in June 2002 in Nagoya, Japan

This collection of poetry, art, dialogs, raves, essays, & short stories celebrates life. It affirms the value of small miracles. After working on books condemning militarism, ecological destruction, and educational travesties, I decided to focus on things that are life-affirming. Fortunately, many things in this world remain uncorrupted by human folly. I believe such things make not only our lives more enjoyable, but also make the lives of many beings more worthwhile. The gift of clean air, pure water, clear skies, and diverse life forms should not be taken for granted. In fact, over-population and excessive exploitaion threaten each of these resources. We should affirm the value of simple things like unexpected flowers, sudden rainbows, or warm hugs. These works serve as small reminders that our world is but one small part of a greater world that is worth celebrating. We should never become too busy with our own petty lives to forget to celebrate. Celebration is a process of affirming. By celebrating each event, we not only affirm it — but also help sustain it.