Linguistic Identiti€$

Utilizing academic English
well-educated am I deemed.

but yo - when speakin’ African American Vernacular
I feel funky an’ flava an’ free.

Immersed in Indian English I’m ready to do one thing:
discuss the origin of the universe with you dilligently.

butt if shifting ta mutant Anglish
weird poetry gushes outta me spleen.

When switching to Japanese, <I> more polite & context-conscious seem
doch wenn speaking German ich fühle like a tourist
expressing only basic Dinge.

Shifting to Spanish I convierten en a gringo estúpido
who has a pasión por shopping

ránhòu, moving to Chinese I become a cryptographer who can read,
dàn hardly speak.

Finally trying French, I become a barbare
whose celtique et germanique sang
seems uncouth & clodhopping.