Read On


Think ah reading as an adventure
& process of voyaging with words

Consider it as an exploration
& way of listening to voices unheard

Regard reading as communion
& chance ta meet persons you'd never see

it is a soul-stretching
process of conversing with
other beings


Readers should wrestle with texts
rather than blindly accepting what appears in print

Don't be afraid ta challenge authors
or worry about seeming like an imp

Between the extremes of doubt & faith
text can transmute mysteriously as ideas take shape.


To engage texts be persistent,
yet also willing to wait.

It often takes time to commune with characters
& to digest ideas well, dine slowly.

Think of texts as morsels rather than complete buffets:
printed pages can offer tantalizing tidbits,
but reality is wider than any page.

At the end of any excellent literary feast,
you should feel partly fulfilled
yet also curious about more
& a tingling intrigue.