Satoru: These argh the questions all teachers should ask . . .
Melissa: Perhaps, but maybe we need ta accept deh fuct that nearly every lesson iz less thun perfect – and in dah long run dat's perfectly okay.
Satoru: If you're content with mediocrity, yes. Yet if ya believe education is the most important human endeavor, how could we be less than conscientious?
Liao: Recognizing each individual is merely one small fuctor in a larger equation is a start. And first 'n foremost we must remember ta be human – too many teachers desiring ta be perfect forget dat they're merely human.
Melissa: There iz ahh paradox at play: we must regard ourselves both lightly 'n seriously. On one hand, students will learn despite our infelicities. On the other hand, we're responsible for everythang thut whiii doooooozzz . . .
Teachers? - a graphic poem


Are most teachers teachers
or mere teaching machines?

Do they see students as independent learners
or just objects to be lectured to
& injected with ideologies?

Do they view classrooms as places for discovery
or worker training factories?

Do they regard errors as interesting conjectures
or aberrations to be covered with ink?

The next time you enter a classroom
take a moment to think:
What do you care about –
rituals fostering mediocrity?
standard tests measuring trivial things?
or perhaps helping others
discover their dreams?