Dis-Connect . . . an art work and inquiry by T Newfields
Gunther: Woe to those who ask too much.
Liao: Yeah. Questioning is usually tolerated only within limits.
Nadya: Mmm . . . we're trained to be obedient from the cradle. Yet blind obedience is ultimately stupid. Isn't it good to question why many phenomena exist?
Bill: Questioning is okay, but we we can understand only a small fraction of the questions. The world is simply too complex and our lifespans are too brief. For than reason, most of our "answers" are essentially expedients. They represent simplifications of phenomena that are inherently complex.
Liao: Critical questioning might be annoying, but it is essential. Indeed, it's through questioning that many discoveries and innovations arise.
Gunther: Every system has its thresholds. When societies are robust and healthy, lots of criticism and questioning is tolerated. However, under stress conformity is often demanded. As Quetelet notes, there's a mathematics to social processes.
Bill: I find it fascinating how some dictators almost welcome stress: it gives them a chance to consolidate power – at least for a short term. Few dictators are far-sighted enough to realize power requires a broad base to be sustainable.
Gus: (sighing) You guys are over my head . . . I feel disconnected from this pseudo-conversation.

Beg.: 1992 Nagoya         Fin.: 2018 Yokohama
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