To Be My Lover

To Be My Lover - a digital image by T Newfields
If you want to be my lover
then love the feisty bugger
between my legs.

It is a part of me:
& pre-installed with other components
that permit me to operate.

Yes, it is mischievous – fickle,
but also cheerful, generous,
& eager to play.

Do not blame Sexcalibur
for having a one-track mind:
for it, shooting warm jizz deep in you
seems immensely fine.

This little schlong
is often greatly wronged:
it's not a mugger, schlecht, err schmoe –
just a reincarnation of Freud's id
trying to make heroic bid
to dance with life &
unite in a joyous flow.

Warm, saline spunky-goo
is a magic cosmic glue
with the power to unite
lovers in bliss-streams
as compassion accrues.

so cum on darling –
let's chu-chu-chu
& discover more
about ugh-ugh-ugh!