Did this person have a fat fetish?


Hmm. Isn't attachment to anything in this world a fetish?


You're skirting around the question!


No skirt. No question. Just sinusoid curves . . .

Callipygian Ode - an art work by T Newfields

Callipygian Ode

sinusoid carves invitin saft karess
n shoots ahh Ingres-like tissue
sing kunciergez ah exuberance!

yar sweetly swervin labio-konvexitiez
allure millionz ta this deigh
n undulatin sweete buttocks
katapult unkuntable groins
preigh farventlie

Thanks ta tha arghternal feminine
beautie transcends all firm
n kunstantly reincarnates
tah awaken dah dollards
so dey seigh "ahh"
n affyrm with faeithe

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Copyright (c) 1971, 2012 by T Newfields.
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