Reach - an art work by T Newfields

Words argh only the beginning –
action also counts.

Poetry reveals pissibilities –
yet whad we do iz paramount.

Don't be stuck in kuntemplation
err the realm ah empty dreams.

Seek bright stars
zen implement yer visions.

Join hands with udders
ta manifest beliefs.

By konnectin' razzolution
with aspirations

it's amazing
whad kun be achieved.

Wan-Sze: (imitating the style of the poem) I'z tired ah hearing duh word 'amazin'. . .
Nadia: Yeah, most people are bombarded by so many 'amazing' claims that it gets hard to believe anything. In an age of steroid capitalism, discourse often degenerates into advertising.
Kasim: (raising his eyebrows) Well, isn't this a poem about moving beyond words? Doesn't it extol the value of action?
Will: Using words to move beyond words . . . the irony is almost beautiful!