Life Choices

Age 1:
to crawl or walk?

Age 2:
to poop freely or use a latrine?

Age 7:
to go to school and study what everyone is supposed to know,
or stay home and examine what you believe will help you grow?

Age 18:
to study further to obtain a “better” job
or work while observing life as it throbs?

Age 20:
to believe what preachers/gurus/rabbis/imams claim
or to suspect that all statements about “universal truth” are equally lame?

Age 30:
to live alone “independently”
or be with another, compromising constantly?

Age 40:
to remain with the same partner, even if it feels stale
or journey alone along an unfamiliar trail?

Age 55:
to try to guide others to avoiding the same mistakes as you,
or recognize that nobody wants (or needs) any guidance?
(Mistakes are part of learning and what humans do)

Age 65:
to pretend that you “really matter” and your life counts somehow,
or smile at the sheer emptiness of existence and insignificance of all that is avowed?
Age 77:
to become ashes dispersed at sea
or fertilize the land that nourished thee?