on   a   trash   heap

The old motor is silent
& battery drained

My spark plugs have corroded
& chasis needs a change

This vehicle has cum to a standstill
far from any freeway

Near the windshield
a marker states:
Tow-Away Zone

As an towtruck hauls
the junk of this body away

Another Buick convertible
is marked for recycling

Ron: So this is how we end up – on the trash heap of history?
Lis: Essentially. Feels weird to know that we are on a mountain of bones, eh?
Ron: I guess we have to make peace with our own skeletons. Sometimes that's not easy.
Lex: We should thank the skeletons of the past for allowing us to experience this moment.
Once we have a sense of gratitude, peace becomes effortless.