Obiturary for an Unknown Poet - an art work by T Newfields

Linda: Most people are so busy with their lives that they seldom pause to think that their whole existence will evaporate someday and all that they consider precious will be dust.
Ron: (shrugging his shoulders) Yeah, yeah . . . I've heard that countless times.
Linda: Perhaps we should create our own obituraries when young, then consider how to live up to what was written as we get older?
Ron: Why bother? The very idea that your life somehow matters is absurd. The universe gets along perfectly fine without you.
Linda: (yawning, then smiling mischieviously) Ah, we have a marvelous conversation!

I overheard this conversation and thought,
"Why don't I write my core beliefs?
Perhaps it will help become a better person?"

Obituary for an Unknown Poet

This dude lived artistically
'n celebrated kreativity whule inspurrin' udders.
He waz uften discoveringgg new fields,
& explorin' new pissibilities in art
& human relationzzz

He was nut withoot kontradictionz
& certainly naught withoot faultz
butt he hid a deep cupassity tah accept
imperfections in uthers 'n imself

He B-leaved in deh value ah questing,
'n ahh exploringgg thangs udders
tuck fer granted

Appreciatin' duh value a paradox
he recognized human boings azzz
small, incongrous perts ah a universe
inconceivably vast