40th Birthday

Two decades ago
in the corn fields of Iowa
I crossed my legs, closed my eyes,
breathed softly through each nostril
and meditated til my mind
became golden corn mush.

Intellect sufficiently numb
I listened to a charismatic Indian mesmerize
audiences with charming nonsense. . . .
"Pure consciousness
  is like flower sap . . .
  and all colors in life
  come from zhat."
Now twice the age
near the groves of a distant bay
I still close my eyes to experience
quiet moments of peace &
sometimes even become silly
enough to think –
"Pure consciousness
  is not crap. What we
  experience in life
  has nothing – yet everything –
  to do with That."
Ron: Isn't meditation a waste of time?
Lex: No. It's a chance to step outside of time.
Lis: That's an illusion. We are invariably linked to a flow of events. At best, we can slow down our perception of time. However, time flows on whether we recognize it or not.
Lex: That's pretty much the standard view. Here's another view: we create time. Time isn't just something that happens to us; it's something we create. Change your awareness and you will change the nature of time.
Linda: (chuckling to herself) Both of you waste too much time on speculation.