Word Play - an art work by T Newfields
Linda: As Joshua Mehigan has pointed out, less and less people these days read. They obtain information from television or online videos. As a consequence, the rate of linguistic mutation is increasing.
Lis: Well perhaps, but aren't more and more people also using the same social networks? That would probably promote linguistic homogeneity.
Lex: By observing the common mistakes of foreign language learners, I think you can get an idea of how languages will mutate in the future. Basically, there is an increase in hi-tech scientific vocabulary along with a trend towards linguistic simplification in ordinary speech.
Linda: Yeah, it seems linguistic blending and portmanteau are becoming more common. We already see this with Spanglish in some parts of the USA and the odd Chinglish prevailing in some parts of China
Ron: (sighing) You guys are talking as if humanity actually has a future. Unless we stop dictators like Trump, our future will be ash.